It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over but here we are kicking off the start to our new year. Our First Vice President has been busy finding great restaurants for our luncheons and our Program Chairman has been equally busy finding interesting speakers to entertain, educate or inspire
us at our luncheons. Our activities will be in full swing so I hope you have rested up over the summer so you have plenty of energy to enjoy our myriad of fun filled activities. We’ve
had quite a few new members join recently so please look for new faces and welcome them. Your new best friend may be standing right next to you at an event so keep your eyes

Our new directory has been published so keep it handy so you can keep in touch with your fellow members. It has valuable information about our clubs, by-laws and constitution. Please keep in mind that member information
is for member use only, so please shred your old directory if you do not plan to use it. I keep an old updated directory in my car so I always have member information close at hand.
Please pay attention to the monthly newsletter where you will find changes, corrections and new member information so you can update your directory throughout the year.

See you all soon!

Welcome to the Northwest Hillsborough Newcomers for the year 2014-15. You have a chance to participate in an organization that is strong and provides friendship, support, encouragement, philanthropy and positive experiences.

“By chance we met, by choice we became friends”—Millie Huang
"A friend is a gift you give yourself."
Robert Louis Stevenson
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15th Annual Holiday Gala
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